After stressing out all day at your workplace, one thing you need badly is a comfortable bed to relax and a sound sleep. The bed has to be robust in built so that it goes along way in providing the needed comfort.Markets are flooded with a variety of beds that meet different requirements of different customers while complementing your home décor. You have the option to choose from Divan beds,Bedsteads,Storage beds, Cot beds, folding beds, Sofa beds and a lot other. The latest addition to this list is an ottoman bed.

The most striking feature of an ottoman bed is an ample storage space along with the basic function of being a bedroom furniture piece. Unlike conventional divan beds, these beds provide more sleeping space, easy access to storage which is neatly hidden to make your room look spacious in the absence of huge wardrobes. With this buying guide, I will try to list down some benefits and features to make it easy for you to get the best ottoman bed that redefines the way you relax at home.

Benefits of Best ottoman bed

Different sizesottman bed

These beds are available in different UK sizes, to fit the need of any person or home.

Great Storage spaceottoman bed

This bed also works as a huge storage furniture.The biggest advantage of having an ottoman bed is that you don’t need to invest in wardrobe and it will save a lot of room space. Compared with other bed types the Ottoman beds offer the best storage space.

Value for money

You can say that it is an ideal combination of a bed and a chest, in theprice of a bed. So it is definitely a great value for your hard-earned money.

Easy Access

The storage area can be easily accessed by lifting the mattress base up, powered by either a hydraulic system or high-quality spring system. You will not hurt your arms while pulling the drawers out from traditional divans. Once you open the bed, the base up the mattress base is automatically locked to make it very comfortable to take out your stored items.


In addition to the large underneath storage space, comfort is another benefit of an ottoman bed.The reason is the good quality mattress and the padded headboards.

Features to consider while buying the best ottoman bed

The ottoman beds are available in numerous sizes, colors, and styles to select from to match the décor of your bedroom. Let us explore some of the vital features to find the best ottoman bed.

Storage Space

The storage area is the main feature to look for while picking the best ottoman bed. You have the check the dimensions of the bed carefully. The height of the bed is the key dimension here. Taller the bed, better will be storage space to manage the bed accessories like pillows and quilts or other things that you want to store.

Robust inbuilt

The area beneath the bed base should be robust and durable so that it lasts many years to come. The storage cabinet below the bed base should be able to handle the weight of stored stuff. The base of the storage area should be strong and made from a solid and high-quality wood. Most the ottoman beds have the lower bases covered with some cloth or a layer of hessian. Examine the base below this layer to judge the strength and get the best ottoman bed.

Frameworkottoman bed

The frame is the backbone of the ottoman bed. It has to be strong, preferably metallic in construction.The mattress base is frequently opened and closed, the frame must be strong enough to handle the weight of mattress as well.


The strut is the support system provided by the underneath storage base to the movable mattress base. There are two types of struts available. One type is pneumatic based and the other one is the gas powered. The struts or the hinges are like suspension system in vehicles. Check if the struts are lifted automatically so that you don’t have to stress your muscles to open or close it. A strong Strut system is a must in the best ottoman bed.

Lifting Straps

These are the handles to pull the bed base up. The straps are usually made from polypropylene webbing forming a loop and fitted on the base. Check whether the straps can be tucked away when not in use.

Best Ottoman Bed in 2016

Double Storage Ottoman Gas Lift-Up Bed Frame

This is an ideal bed for a perfect sleep that has a large storage area and impressive built.  The ottoman bed from Tiger beads is equipped with gas powered lift mechanism which lets you lift the bed base effortlessly and use the storage space as frequently as you want. The frame of the bed is made of metal and is covered with faux leather to give it a stylish but strong look. The strength of the frame can be estimated from the fact that it can lift mattress up to 75 Kg without any hassles.

To provide you a decent night’s sleep, the sprung slats are innovatively designed to provide you a comfortable posture. The ottoman bed from TIGERBEDS has 4ft 6in gas lift with a headboard of 3 feet to give you a comfortable head rest to lean on. The depth of the bed is 10 inches to store the beddings and another stuff with ease.

This bed comes with an instruction manual to make the assembly process really easy by following the step by step instructions. All the components shipped along are solid with a great finish. The lower base of the frame is covered with fiber sheet to prevent your clothes from direct contact with the base.The product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars by 1048 Amazon buyers, giving number one place in Best ottoman beds list.

4Ft6 Black Ottoman Double Storage Bed Upholstered in Faux Leather

The engineering team at Otto- garrison has crafted this innovative ottoman bed to provide maximum storage and great comfort at a reasonable price. The bed comes with a hydraulic lift with a certified test report of surviving 180,000 lifts successfully under the force of 1000N. To provide the much-needed comfort on the bed, the 28 wooden slats are there to give you medium or hard support. The metal frame is upholstered in superior faux leather to give an elegant finish.

The storage area is the main attraction of this highly functional ottoman bed. The bed is crafted with a good 11.4 Inches depth to let you store any size of quilts, pillows or bed sheets. The floor of the bed is covered with a soft and high-quality fiber layer that makes the storage safe for the finest clothes of your wardrobe. The side rails are fitted with double-sided plywood and the headboard is fully framed to ensure solid construction.

Established in 1998, the Otto-garrison has been delivering quality furniture and have a long list of satisfied customers. Available in black, brown and white colors,the 4Ft6 Ottoman double bed has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by 1579 Amazon customers. This trust shown in this bed makes it the second best ottoman bed.

Brown 4ft small double gas lifts up faux leather ottoman storage bed by Bedsandbeds

The quality of workmanship makes this 4 feet compact double ottoman storage bed, a real masterpiece. Manufactured by Beds and beds, a premier company into the furniture for the last many years, this bed excels in the category of small-sized ottoman bed. The strong frame covered with superior soft leather has enough power to lift the bed base and mattress. The frame is equipped with posture sprung slats that offer you to comfortable sleeping posture.

The base of this bed is covered with a woven layer to protect your stored stuff from the wooden base and guard them against dust and moisture. The twin gas-powered arms are fitted to the base and are capable of lifting the bed base at a good height along with the weight of the heavy mattress. Any standard size of the mattress can be placed on the frame unlike other brands of ottoman beds which require special size mattresses.

This compact ottoman bed has large storage space with a storage height of 10 centimeters that allows you to keep and pick your things with ease. This easy to assemble and sturdy ottoman bed has got 4.7 stars out of 5.0 stars by 128 satisfied Amazon customers and lists at third position in the category of best ottoman beds

TIGERBEDS 4ft 6in gas lift ottoman storage bed black leather

Tigerbeds is a respected name in branded furniture. The company has been offering high-quality appealing furniture from last many years. The 4ft6In black leather ottoman bed is no exception to this fact. The frame of the bed is constructed with three cross rails made from metal which guarantees the robustness and durability of the bed.

This bed from Tigerbeds ensures that you get a good night sleep since the bed is equipped with high-quality posture sprung slats. To enhance the décor of your home, the metal frame of the ottoman bed is covered with black faux leather. The safety of our beddings and wardrobefrom being damagedis ensured with the fine layer of protection at the base of the bed that avoids direct contact of stored stuff with the floor of the bed.

The lift mechanism is gas powered with the ability to lift the frame along with the mattress. The bed has sufficient space to arrange and manage your things comfortably. The 4ft 6in gas lifts ottoman bed from Tigerbeds has received 4.6 stars out of 5.0 stars from 155 Amazon customers and comes at the fourth position as the best ottoman bed.

Final Wordsstorage_bed

The furniture you have at home, right from the living room to the bedroom, say a lot about your aesthetic sense and the ability to organize the things. The ottoman beds shortlisted here excel in quality and comfort to let you have a sound sleep night after night. They also offer a large storage area but still look like a piece of art to match your taste in home decoration. The best way to shop for the best ottoman beds is to evaluate the different varieties available on online shopping sites like Amazon on the basis of the feedback and reviews from valid customers.