We spend around one third of our life in bed and that is a considerable amount of time, because if spent comfortably, it can impact the rest two-thirds of our life. So, it is crucial to spend a good amount of time and effort to make the sleep time comfortable and relaxing.

In the world of mattresses, a pocket sprung mattress is known for its superior structure and comfortable exteriors to provide the best sleeping experience. Investing wisely in the best pocket sprung mattress will make all the difference between a blissful sleep and tossing and turning in bed. This buying guide is meant to put forth all the things you need to know to get the nicest pocket sprung mattress.

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Features to look in the best pocket sprung mattress

Pocket Density

The pocket sprung mattresses must be checked for the density of its pocket, stuff used for fillings like cotton, and mohair. More the number of pockets better will be the firmness of the mattress. A firm mattress that fits your body shape dilutes half of your sleeping problems. At BedBritish, we recommend going for 3000 pocket sprung mattress, even though sometimes it costs a little more. But average customers usually find 2000 pocket sprung mattress very snug and comfortable as well.

Fabric of construction

This is the second factor that makes or breaks a best pocket sprung mattress. If you want to have a natural and light feeling at night get a mattress with soft cotton cover. You also have the option to select from fine fabrics like silk as a cover. It’s up to you that how pampered or luxurious you want to feel at night.


Mattresses can pose certain problems to you. The major among them is the rolling of the mattress. A rolled mattress is difficult to sleep on and a big trouble while making the bed. So you should always get one that promises roll free edges.

Supports and improves your sleep posture

The night’s sleep is intended to rejuvenate one to begin the next day with energy and enthusiasm. If the mattress is uncomfortable nobody can imagine a good next day. So, while searching for good mattress, feel free to check it closely and if possible by lying down on it. It will ensure that you select the mattress that is most appropriate for your back and shoulders giving full support and relaxation.


I consider firmness a factor a personal preference. Some people want to dive in the bed and get lost in the soft and mushy layers while others like it hard and firm. So select one according to your level of comfort.


Don’t go after the flashy and attractive promotional cacophony of the clever marketing professionals. All good things don’t have to be expensive. Explore the market both online and offline and get the best pocket sprung mattress that has best features in an affordable price.


The mattress must not be very heavy and bulky in weight. You must be able to carry it alone in case you want a quick turn over of mattress or taking off the cover for a wash.

Edge to edge space

Many mattresses miss on providing the space that they are expected to be due to rounded edges that cut down the space. Just check that you get the complete edge to edge space for two people to sleep comfortably without taking up each other’s space. If you are couple, we recommend buying king size pocket sprung mattress, as it’s exceptionally large and satisfying.


Best pocket sprung mattress in 2017 – Reviews

Happy Beds Majestic 1000 Pocket Sprung Double Mattress – Double

Your happy mornings begin where your good nights end and Happy beds Majestic Pocket Sprung Double mattress does just that for you. With a high count pocket at 1000 this spring unit promises the support to your back and rest to you. It has comfortable four way stretch knitted fabric that adds flexibility to this essential sleep partner. The mattress retains its shape and structure even after years of usage, thanks to the high lofted and hand tufted structure. It comes with multi layer of improved polyester and cotton filling that gives you the super feeling of being pampered and cared for.

This mattress is neither stiff to break your back nor extra soft that you have to pull yourself out of bed each morning. The medium tension provides just the right softness when covered with hypoallergenic fabric that also keeps the hygiene of the bed intact. Those of you, who have thrown out many mattresses due to rolling, will never face this problem again after getting the Happy Beds Majestic Pocket Sprung Double Mattress. If you are alone at home and waiting for someone to help you in moving this mattress, then pull your breath and start with the super strong side stitched handles. The air vents makes the mattress breathe and stay fresh. Its fire retardant property gives a high level of reliability. Available at a very low cost this is the real value for your money. With great ratings from hundreds of customers this one is listed at the number one in my list of Best pocket sprung mattresses.


Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress – Double

All of us need the silent and calm nights for refreshing mornings. That’s what Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress gives you with its super comfortable 1000 Individual Pocket Springs. This micro-quilted mattress is manufactured with high quality soft knitted fabric that keeps giving you a superior sleeping experience year after year. It is easy to care for and you don’t have to turn it frequently. Plus, it’s available in large sizes, so you can get high quality king size pocket sprung mattress for very reasonable price.

A mattress must suit your sleeping style to give you complete relaxation. This mattress with medium firmness comes with apt support structure coming from being 1000 pocket sprung mattress. Moreover, it does not sag or wilt under the people on the higher side of weight. It maintains the shape and its medium stiffness for many years to come. You will realize that this mattress provides complete edge to edge, surface so that two of you get an ample space for a good night’s sleep. You don’t have to push or hog to get space while sleep. A reasonable price is another factor that makes this mattress worth a good purchase. Lots of five star reviews from customers are a proof to the quality of this mattress. So, it deserves a second place in the list of best pocket sprung mattresses.

Luxury 3000 pocket sprung double mattress with 3″ memory foam mattress

In the market of pocket sprung mattresses the Luxury 3000 count pocket sprung double mattress with 3″ memory foam is known for its excellent support with 3″ Memory foam. This 3000 Pocket mattress is a name to reckon due to its durability, firmness and dependability. Rolling over or drooping! Forget it with Luxury 3000 count pocket sprung double mattress. It will stay comfortable and supportive for whatever posture you sleep in.

This mattress is fitted with superior spring technology and natural comfort fillings which can be relied upon for a sound sleep each night. The 3″ memory foam is designed in such a way that it adjusts snugly around your body and you feel at home while eliminating all the aches and pains of a long day. The mattress puts right pressure at right body points so that you get the most comfortable posture with no remnants of tiredness. You will not be disturbed if your partner moves in or out of bed. The mattress has a specially created soft quilted cover to give you the soft feel which fits the temperature to give you the most peaceful sleep. Its hypoallergenic stuff keeps the germs, bacteria, dust and other allergens away to prevent any kind of rashes or bites on your sensitive skin. Cleaning it is very easy with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. A great online rating by various customers gives Silentnight a commendable third place in my list of best pocket sprung mattresses.

Visco Therapy Luxury Pocket Sprung Majestic 3ft Single (90cm) Pocket 1000 Sprung Julia Mattress

If your doctor has recommended an orthopedic mattress to help you in overcoming your back pain then it is the right time to get a Visco Therapy Luxury Pocket Sprung Majestic 3ft Single Pocket 1000 Sprung Mattress. It is manufactured according to the UK regulations and standards and has the perfect pocket spring system to relieve you from the pain and itches caused because of your long-sitting or excessive travelling job. Along with these features, this mattress from Visco Therapy will let you keep it clean and hygienic after dry-cleaning its cover easily whenever it gets soiled. Taking out and putting back the zipped cover is as easy as it can be.

The structure of the mattress is finished with reflex foam boundary around springs that makes the mattress as fit as possible while maintaining its structure even after long duration of usage. Once you put it on your bed it will take just two days to get completely expanded to fit and give you the complete space for a comfortable and refreshing night. This one is a firm mattress with a soft covers that takes care of your body to make the most comfortable sleeping experience. The economical price of this comfortable mattress is another reason to its likeability by online reviewers who gave it very positive reviews. Sleep like a baby on the fourth best mattress in the list of Best pocket sprung mattresses.


…..Final words

Using a reliable, comfortable, flexible, and easy to clean mattress is as essential as getting a perfect bed in your bedroom. But getting the right mattress to fit your needs is not an easy task. It requires understanding your body type, your sleeping posture and of course your budget. Our suggestion is that you must not go for any expensive pocket spring mattress in a local store. You can make a better choice if you go through the mattresses available in online stores like Amazon. Many honest and unbiased reviews and feedback will help you in finding the best sleeping stuff in mattresses.